Interesting facts about Germany

Friends today I will tell few interesting facts about Germany.


1-About 1/3 part of Germany is covered with Forests and woodlands.
2 -There is no speed limit on nearly 65% highways of Germany.
3-University education is Free in Germany for every citizen. Even to outsiders too.
4-2100 castles are there in Germany.
5-Beers are mostly consumed in Germany. You find nearly 1500 kinds of beers in Germany.
6-Germany is composed of 16 states. The states enjoy their own constitution.
7-In Germany, there is no punishment if a prisoner tries to flee. Because according to Germany it’s basic na8of human being to be free.
8-Germany people enjoy about 400 Zoos in their country. Its highest number of Zoos any country is having.
9-Germany celebrate biggest beer festival in world in Oktoberfest Munich.
10-Drinking Alcohol in public places is legal in Germany.
11-Another name of Germany is Deutschland.
12-As far as density of population concerned, Germany is most densely populated country in world.
13-Germany has largest train station in Europe situated at Berlin.
14-Germany was the first country to adopt day light saving idea.
15-Beer is officially considered as food in Bavaria Germany.

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